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Around a year back, i had gone to visit Bhavya my friend in Bangalore…since i was there for more than two days i decided to meet up a few of my clients…from work…so i fixed an appointment for the same…

The three days i stayed at Bangalore, me and bhavya shopped for a whole range of sarees since mom is fond of them..in between we went to visit my work clients…out of the blue the client said we have an off today but i would definitely meetup so we decided to meet at Hard Rock cafe at MG rd…my blessed friend so lost in her head..didn’t know the place..so we were asking people for directions…there was this guy at mg road who said i will take you to the cafe…to which we both got a bit worried and dissappeared from there…since we smelled some kind of trouble..the guy followed us some distance and then we went into the mall to avoid him…we achieved our target..

Thereafter we asked a few youngsters for direction and they directed us to the place..we reached half an hour earlier…and were waiting the blessed client was running  a bit late since he stayed at Koramanglam…once he reached we met formally and therafter he asked “would you like to have drinks?” to which i said “It is shravan and we are vegetarians and no drinkers during the period”…to this he said…”shucks pehle bolna tha…we would have chosen a different place”…i said we have no issues “please go ahead and order whatever you want..the waitor or the server knew him since they used to entertain their guests quite often at HRC”..

  Now he got as bit drunk and started speaking…”I am from Delhi school of Economics…and you know something when i gave the exam…i cried after the exam since i felt i was going to fail it”..My friend a restless person.was unable to bear the whole conversation and looked at her watch fifteen times in 20 mins…since i had no choice in the situation i sat silent maintaining basic conversation..after sometime my friends attention went to the table behind us where there were a couple making out…

she had weird expressions on her face to which i couldn’t say anything…i am always speechless at her reactions…then i said to the client courteously…”we need to go home…since my friends mom is very particular about the timing to return home” basically a big fat lie since my friend stays alone at home…once we stepped out of HRC it started drizzling and my friend exclaimed in front of the client ” Baarish ho rahi hai…kyun ho rahi hai…hum ghar kaise jayenge…hum bheeg jayenge..” at this statement my client didn’t react and just left straight for his home….

We did reach home in one piece and then we girls started giggling endlessly…”main roya..yeh right.” but one lesson for my entire life never take bhav to meet anyone…we are a crazy lot…he he


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