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Fast Five

Come on anything with Vin Diesel rocks…no one can take the action out of the movie…and those sexy babes…(cars) are so adorable…i’d love to drive them…but can’t… ūüė¶ (unfortunately)

The movie begins with Conner and his chic Jordana coming back…and Jordana shown as an expecting mother..their effort to earn some bucks…with expectations to¬†settle down..then comes Toretto..and then ROCK—the wrestler …when they both¬†come on the scene¬†the action begins…cars being stolen and won…bullets being shot around…the race..the adrenaline pumping…simply awesome…

The movie involves a plot in which Toretto and an elite team of fast racers rob the corrupt tycoon cum goon of Rio Di Janerio (which seems almost impossible in the beginning). A never miss the target federal agent THE ROCK Рnamed Hobbs..who is after Conner and Toretto since they are wanted by the Federal government.

In the end, as usual Fast and the Furious movie Toretto and Conner escape the situations unscathed and settle down as normal citizens..he he…so typical…but the actions worth the bet on the big screen…if you are¬†a fan of Vin Diesel…a must watch…


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