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On 23rd Jul morning my brother tells me let us throw a suprise party for my sister in law Sheelam, to which i said did you get up from sleep right now or is it that you are still sleeping. To which he says, “Yedi chal na organise a birthday party”. After which i finalised the venue to KIVAS at Koregaon Park for the evening. We had reserved a table for fifteen relatives (Cousins, aunts, uncles, etc) and friends. We had asked the restaurant guys to decorate the place with balloons and a board stating “Happy Birthday Sheelam” he he it was hilarious. Cause when she entered she was wondering why was there such a long table booked and why was there a board with her name on it. We had planned to meet my brother at the venue after half an hour later. Hence they reached and settled and later on the guests started pouring in. We all met up interacted and started with our usual talk. Then began the flow of drinks and food, since we had grandparents and elders at the party as as well, we the youngsters shifted to one corner ganging up and rolling with laughter. The bhabhi’s were sitting with their kids all huddled up and we siblings and cousins were together pulling pranks on each other. Overall the night began right from 8.30pm till 12 midnight. We had all sorts of things to drink right from Beer to Long island ice tea to martini’s to tequila shots to vodka…the list went on endless. The bill touched a figure of almost 15grand, we are a complete indecent lot i would say…however it was a fun filled evening with the entire family plus the extension present. A hilarious incident that took place was that my niece who is 8 months old was also along with us, she broke a glass, danced for a while and then a completely drunk girl came and said to her…Happy bday baby it is my bday too. To which my sister in law said “It is my birthday” A few pics from the scene…


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Sometimes the amount of peace a place can give you is immense. I feel that when I go visit the Golden temple. It is the most serene place i have visited till date you can meditate, just sit there for hours looking at the ripples in the water and then at the temple. It oozes calm, poise and just a certain serenity which can’t be explained. Now moving to the travel, we three friends travelled right from South to North. I had gone to Bangalore on Thursday, where we boarded for delhi then stayed at Delhi for the day roamed around Connaught place and then boarded a flight for Amritsar. A few good and lovely experiences, though we had to walk a lot on Delhi T3 airport since our flight was from Gate no:55. Thus our journey began. We reached Amritsar at 8.45am and thereafter the place called “Amritsar Sifti da Ghar” was our home for the coming 3 days. We stayed at a hotel next to the Golden temple, this hotel was 5 mins away from jallianwala Baug, the market and the temple. Hence i would call it centrally located. On reaching we quickly bathed and dressed up and visited the temple. On Saturday we visited the temple at 4am when there is Palki, it is a beautiful sight when they get the granthsahib in the palki at 4am in the morning followed by the morning ardas and prayers. That is the only time when Kara prasad is distributed within the temple thereafter which the prasad is distributed outside the temple, i would say we were purely lucky. After 7.30 we went hunting for breakfast and then we ate Aloo and gobi paranthas with butter and lassi. yum..then we left for Jallianwalla Baug (I have seen amritsar 9-10 times earlier so am very familiar with the roads). Navigating through the Jallianwala baug which is remembered for the massacre conducted by General Dyer where 2000 odd people were killed due to firing. Then we pushed off for shopping. We bought Phulkari chunni’s, dresses, Punjabi Jutti’s, suits, lehngas, etc. My cousin was sweet enough to accompany us for shopping. We shopped for everything under the sun and then went in to Bhrawa da dhaba where we had lassi, paneer pakoda’s and kulfi with falooda..yum…the subsequent day we visited the temple at 4am, after which we visited the Durgiana temple (which is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is a replica of the Golden Temple architectutre). After which we went for shopping again and then went to Wagah Border. You can see the pics here… with a few videos..On sunday we left for Delhi returning to our hometowns. a lovely experience a short and a sweet trip.

A few videos as well that contains the little games we played at the airport T3 terminal visitors lounge at 2am in the morning with Aamna -7 yr and Afsha -12 yr olds (residents of Dubai)

Video 1: Time pass at Delhi airport

Video 2: Time pass at Delhi airport



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