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Travel on the cards, firstly we just booked our tickets for srinagar 18th September and I will be there. Moms tests for the cardio stress test and other tests came out normal. So now we are back on track. So we are off to Singapore in December. Then off to meet su in march, she bought a lovely place in Boston..just saw her bungalow pics. it is so beautiful…I am waiting to meet her. I miss her so much.. I want to visit “so” also..hope he is there in march. I guess raised his expectations and then it went all haywire..didn’t mean to bother him..he told me he is working quite a bit..want to get hold of his address wish to send him a bottle of wine or something for his birthday..Shweta is here can ask for a delivery portal that operates there..lets see or else will take the address from her itself. Anyway am super excited…let us hope for the best…

Now moving


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Rudimentary thoughts

Life is a maze as I call it, the best parts have to be discovered. When you walk it is most of the times alone, loneliness has become a second nature. With most of the times no one to share your joys or sorrows. Again and again the feeling creeps in “I don’t have anyone to share things with” not even family or friends. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have friends or good relations with family, as a matter of fact I have too many friends and many relations but none with whom to share my woes or happiness.

Recently, I was declared one of the eight regional finalists for the Apeejay awards but that didn’t make me happy or anything, similarly, the “Wallstreet Journal” lady interviewed me for the Power article and she plans to quote me in. However, these things didn’t make me feel excited or anything. Don’t know what ticks me anymore what would make me feel happy or sad,

Is it getting interviewed by the press or being quoted in the newspapers or being treated as one of the wanted ones or being popular…the list can go longer and longer.

Once upon a time i wanted to become the CEO of a company/ be known, etc. But these things don’t matter, I want to have good relations with people, I want someone to call my own, want to roam the whole world

My question has come to what will give me happiness??

Will money give me happiness/ Will fame give me happiness/ Will playing with my 9 month old niece give me happiness/ Will having a good friend make me happy/ Will doing good give me happiness..the questions keep arising and running through my mind endlessly. I have no answer to them.

Sometimes I wonder what would I want???

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