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You are my mirror image
A replica I thought I never had
You look so different yet so alike
We share a bond that can’t be described in words
I don’t need words to express
A look, a smile, a nod is enough
You understand what others can’t
Ironically, I know you yet I have just met you
Averse to my nature; I trust you
Don’t know where the trust stems from
It is magnetic although repelling at times
Like forces propel you in one direction
But leaves you with a feeling “it is right”


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Hyderabad has a lot of Heritage with the Nizaams to the Kings that have settled in the city over the past centuries. It is rich in culture that goes beyond words.

I was in Hyderabad with mom for a week and did a lot of sightseeing. Exploring the city plus culture as I would put it. Mom is a BP patient hence one has to be very careful with her comfort level. So most of the travel included a lot of arrangements. Otherwise, in simple words I am a nomad and can live in the bare minimum.

We reached Hyderabad on 11th June post which I visited my friend “So”, it was so good to meet him. Technically, it didn’t feel like I had not met him for such a long time (almost a year). 🙂 Indeed a pleasant time as always 🙂 I wish I could spend some more time with him, but he was busy studying.

Mom rested for the evening post which a friend of mine called Kranthi arranged our entire trip. To be honest (I had never met this person, or seen him, but good people do exist on earth and he navigated us throughout the trip)

Day 2: We went for boating at the TankBund lake, visited the Buddha Statue, Birla Mandir (is present everywhere)

We visited the Salaar Jung museum that took us 4 hrs to view. At the Salar Jung Museum, i loved the veiled Rebecca statue and the English clock. The Western section was quite interesting with artifacts from across the world displayed at the museum. Charminaar (Laad bazaar – shopping for bangles)- a woman’s delight. Mom bought kurtas for dad and brother, lac bangles for herself and i bought pearls plus a few lac bangles.

Day 3: We visited the Qutubshahi tombs (it still has the carvings and filigree in place). The edifices are so magnificent, simply commendable structures that were built with so much precision in the 1000 AD, however, Golconda fort was in ruins but the Sound and light show was good. The sound and light show begins at 7pm and lasts for 45 mins. The Golconda structure is constructed methodically with a scientific precision. Many domes have the echo and whisper effect like the Gol Gumbaaz. Indeed a very scientific way of building the structures during the 1000AD. The carvings are breathtaking. Although I would say that one needs to walk a lot and the Golconda fort is not well maintained. The Golconda fort once upon a time had a secret passage way that opened directly at Charminaar. This has been blocked now.

Day 4: Ramoji City- quite like the Universal Studios in the US. The city is approx 1600 acres with film sets, gardens, play area. We were loitering there the whole day. We viewed the Stunt show, the magician show, the spirit of Ramoji Film city show, after which we went around the city in a little red bus. After returning, we visited the Chowmahalla Palace. The palace was built in 1750 and has most of the artifacts in place. I loved the chandeliers, the sarees, the door carvings, the bugees, the vintage cars (the place has an awesome collection of vintage cars. esp. rolls royce). A delight.

Day 5: The day to relax, we visited Charminaar again, bought Karachi fruit biscuits (they taste yum and melt in your mouth), checked out Hyderabadi Biryani (Try Paradise hotel for the Biryani, the biryani is mind blowing, many times better than the Blue Nile in Pune), then mom wanted to visit a Gurudwara, so we found one.

Overall a nice trip indeed, pleasant and memorable. Hope to visit the city again. 🙂

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I reached Bangalore on 5th Jun 2012, I wanted some my time for a week post which as promised I took mom for a vacation to Hyderabad. I traveled to Bangalore by Airavaat bus travel, an overnight journey. My friend always says you don’t know how to travel like a commoner. Fancy living person, try it out. So as an experiment, for the first time in my life (Other than the school picnics) I set out a plan to travel by Bus. One would be surprised, i have never set my foot in a bus, always traveled by a car since birth.

But it was a good experience, the crowd in Airavaat was software professionals travelling to Bangalore. On the way my friend asked me to try the hotel Kamat. She said it is authentic South Indian food, try it. It was quite good. Once I reached Bangalore, my friend and me chalked out a program with regard my stay. I was there for a week. Partly personal and professional.

The first day, I had to run a few errands related to my office work. In the evening we were loitering on MG road and Brigade road. Post which we had dinner at Mast Kalander, awesome Dal makhani, kulfi and Lassi. Sorry we don’t compromise on food.

Thereafter, we went travelling in the Metro to Indiranagar, the metro is functional on a 9km stretch. 12 rs till Indiranagar from MG road. Indiranagar is a posh area and we loved the window shopping.

Day 2: I had work again. Post lunch, I was exploring Bangalore by BSRTC. Oh I liked the bus service, the people are so helpful, ready to help enterprising . I traveled across Bangalore in 200rs. Simple commendable.

Day3: I visited Toits – a number one pub at Bangalore Indiranagar. It was super awesome. Chicken wings, Mexican Bhel, Bloody mary, a few other drinks, cocktails, etc. I was drunk after a few drinks and slapped a fellow friend who was saying something weird 😛

Met up with my office freelancers, few old work buddies, visited the Gurudwara (Smaller than the Pune Gurudwara), visited the Name reader, etc

Day4: I call it babys’ day out. I visited the Iskon temple met up with a few friends, had pizza at Dominos and post which I was at Hotel Leela Palace having Chai at the Cha Bar. I also bought 4 books at the Oxford book outlet a) Great by chance b) Jugaad c) Breakout Nations d) Talent Masters

My first time bus travel was one of the best experiences, i met wonderful people during my bus travel, interacted with the locals, i love meeting people. 🙂 The bus drivers and conductors knew English and readily helped out. I was busy clicking their photos, they fascinated me, they actually posed for the photographs. Saved me a seat when I boarded, made me feel special despite being a North Indian. One of the bus conductors became a good acquaintance. He is M.P Nagarajan, has worked for more than 25 years in BSRTC as a conductor, called himself Member of Parliament Nagarajan. Posed like Rajnikanth for the photograph. People there are warm and helpful 🙂

After this it was time for me to bid adios to Bangalore and my friend. We traveled to the bus stop and then I returned to Pune. 🙂

Indeed a pleasant trip with loads of fun and work accomplished. Hope to be back soon.

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As soon as my exams got over, my travel plans were put into action. I was off to Bangalore to meet up with my friend. The trip was partly personal plus professional. I had loads of things on my agenda.

Firstly, my friend has been undergoing a bad time, I had been having a weird feeling about it. She is my childhood friend. We are there for each other in good and bad times. So when I reached her place, I put her in touch with a therapist since she has been in chronic depression for quite some time. The lady is a hypnotherapist and has been helping her out.

We have been friends since the 10th grade and as usual she tells me I am very secretive about things, so she dragged me to a name reader whom she had visited a while ago. She was you must visit him, he is super awesome. Just to keep her happy I visited him along with her, oh pleassee. I was protesting all the way. When we met the name reader (I was making faces, lucky for me, he didn’t understand English or Hindi) I was saying “god knows what a Dhongi baba he is. Phew!!”

But then he started speaking, and what he told was quite right about me, incidents that have taken place, that no one knows about.

Overall, he was alright, i kind of don’t believe in this stuff.

The highlights were as follows:

1. You are very detached, whether family, friends or anyone. At which I smiled and said, yes I am a loner. It is difficult for me to come and say “I love you” or even miss you.

2. You don’t trust anyone – Yes that was right, i don’t trust anyone and if I say I trust you then dude it means a lot..

3. You will have barely 2-3 very good friends other than that people will make use of you under the garb of friendship. I said I already know that. I have come to a stage where I permit people to use me to the extent that I want not more than that. I am aware about how people behave.

4. You are very secretive – Oh yes I will never share what is running through my mind. Hang me upside down or even make me drunk. I share only what I want to.

5. You will be well off- Oh yes that I know. By the grace of god. You will never be faced with any wealth issue

6. You will be popular and highly admired by the opposite gender, but your choice largely depends on a number of factors. rather you are very choosy about guys in your life- I know loads of guys like me, but I like very few. He also said, you will choose your spouse. It will be a love arranged marriage, mostly inter-caste. He also stated, you should have got married by last year itself. Surprising you didn’t.. 😛

7. You are very practical and observant about your environment- Yup, i like things in a systematic way and i can actually know what you want out of me.  It is simple observation skills.

8. You don’t depend on anyone, like to do things your way, don’t like advice and interference. At this statement, i was about to laugh my head off. I was giving my friend the look. I said if you are done can we leave. I already know myself what should I want to know

9. Your lucky stones are Diamonds, Blue Sapphire and Green Emerald.

10. Lucky number 8

11. Lucky days: Thu, Fri and Sat

12. You do a lot of good – in the terms of social service – stating tum bahut logon ka kalyaan karti ho. At which I was about to lose my patience and leave

Now to add in my bit, yes he was quite right about most of the things, i know these traits come from the planets in my horoscope. I can’t help it. They lend me these traits. For example, Shani is my ruling planet, it lends me loneliness, distrust, ruthlessness, ambitiousness, etc. I can’t help it. My Hindu rashi is: Aquarius owing to which Diamonds and Blue Sapphire suit me. 😛

The Jupiter makes me pious, inclined towards social service, it is the guru and gives me a good academic bent, etc

So the list of my traits runs long, I can’t do anything about what I am. But I can surely ensure that I don’t turn to the dark side or do anything bad.

I have read astrology as a hobby and know most of the things about me. But my questions don’t end here. I want to know why do I get premonitions esp. death ones, why do i form connections, why can i feel your pain or pleasure if i get attached to a person, why do i meet a person and know that I know you.

There are many unanswered questions to which I am seeking answers. Am awaiting when I meet a person who can answer them. 🙂 Till then let us wait.

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My little one and a half year old niece is simply adorable. She is the cutest thing on earth. Since I was on leave for almost more than a month. She used to play with me plus wanted to do what I did. When I used to work on my laptop, she wanted to do the same. Placing the laptop the same way i placed it. Punch in the keys the way I did, etc. Although she is too young for all of it and the laptop is a bit heavy for her. I decided to get her a learning tool laptop from HCL. I had ordered it online and was waiting for it. The parcel finally arrived yesterday. I gave it to her and she was overjoyed screaming. “Lapatop” he he. Kids these days are so techno savvy. 🙂

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It has been four months and I have been having a weird feeling that something is going to change forever. I don’t have a clue what is going to happen. But a gut feel that something is changing and things won’t ever be what they were. The feeling is neutral. All I know is that things are changing at such a rapid pace that I won’t even know where I have landed.

I am waiting patiently for things to occur. Wait and watch approach. When the time comes all the events will unfold. 🙂

For a change, the weird part is I am not ruffled by it.

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