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Recently, I was searching to renew life into my art (drawing) hobby. Something on the creative side, where I could use art as a form. After constant efforts to find a nice art teacher, I was unable to find one. I didn’t want to spoil my taste, as my drawing teacher had taught me well and I wanted an equally competent teacher. Ah! good old days, I had reached the stage of sketching human faces, animals, shadow drawing, etc. I want to revise that and go ahead. So owing to the failure to find a good art teacher, I decided to join something different. 

I decided, let us give a chance to dancing. I had joined a class when I was a teenager. So I have the basics in place, but wanted to do something different. After long deliberation, I joined a “belly dancing class”. Oh today was my first class. It was fun. The dance instructor is a lady and we are a batch of three students. Priya (Lakeesha), Moushmi (Janaa) and Me (Kazima). We had to choose Arabic names just to get into the rhythm. Then she gave us a brief about how Belly dancing originated and how it is an exotic dance form. Although it looks very easy. Trust me every part of my body is aching today with the 2 hrs session. 

We began with a warm up followed by the waist movement forming an infinity sign. This was followed by the point hip movement followed by the spot hip movement. Slowly we also had to do the hand movements as well. Coordinating all of them into a dance for 5 minutes. The waist rotation in circles is called the “Shimee” the hip movement is called the “Aumi”

It was real fun and a very exhaustive workout. We have to practice 15 mins everyday to get the flow plus grace.  Next week we get our Harem pants and the belt with coins. Will post the pics of our session. 😀

What seemed so simple is actually quite  a bit of hard work, but it is worth it. 😀


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We walk alone most of the time

Wonder what it would feel like to have someone by your side

Only our shadow follows us all throughout our life

However, the shadow fades away as the moon rises in the sky

When your shadow leaves your side

You are left alone to wonder why

How do you expect that someone would stay by your side

When even your shadow disappears by the night

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We  had a Science training session on Saturday. Mr. Zareer Aga was conducting the session and we were trying varied kind of experiments during the session. He conducted experiments on all the 3 Newton laws and we just tried them out individually. A reminder of the good old days when we used to try experiments at our schools. 

The first one was cutting a straw and then blowing into it. This helped create a buzzz sound.

The second was where two weights were attached to the opening of a bottle attached by a rubber band. Upon being left for free fall came to the original position owing to inertia. 

Then we created a straw string which showed the wave effect. We altered the length, weight and saw how it affects the wave effect.

Then we were given balloons which we tried inflating. Post which we had to leave them and see what happens.

So we are going to conduct more experiments in the class and there is going to be less of classroom teaching.

So experiments all the way 🙂


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