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Run baby run

Lately, i have rekindled the interest in running. Phew! how we let go of hobbies that used to give us immense pleasure and opt for things so sultry. 

I restarted running everyday for a kilometre and the first day I ran almost after 5 years, it brought back the pleasurable feeling. The feeling of your heart pumping blood throughout your veins at a rapid pace, as if every pore is breathing and you have nothing to care in the world.

For those 10-15 mins, you are in a different world altogether. It is the adrenaline pumping, wishing you to run more to make that feeling of freedom linger for a minute more and so on.

So run baby run. 🙂



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A force tugging you in a direction that is not tread on before.

A few difficult choices and one knows the consequences

Ultimately, these choices are long due to be adopted

The heart is a bit scared but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel

That is what fairy tales tell

So how can one despair, when the moment of truth appears

Be brave my child and walk the path 

Be brave my child as all the problems appear to be small particles of dust and not a mountain high

Be brave my child there is a light at the end of the tunnel

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