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With a heavy heart it is time to say goodbye to all at work. I have made some lifelong friends and a few acquaintances that will remain a part of my facebook friend list.

But the best part is that there are so many memories attached with VN from being my first job, to a lot of first experiences, to my first client interaction, to my first promotion, my first lunch buddy, etc. The list runs long and seems endless. I don’t have words to express what is going through my mind. But all I can do is to express to the best of my ability.

Recalling when I first entered the office, the first person I met was RRB (a stranger then and now a good boss, friend and a big brother). I worked across all the teams at office and eventually settled in the financial practice team headed by RRB. He has been a guide, a patient listener, sounding board, a big brother, a friend, etc. I fall short of adjectives when describing him. On the whole he has taught me very important lessons in my life and I can never forget these lessons.

Ratalogix- the gujju bhai and a rakhi brother at office is a good person but over emotional. Oh please I still wait when you will get hold of your emotions. I loved binging on the awesome food that his mom made. Stubborn as a mule and a big cribber as I always call him, he is the most dependable person one can have in your life.

Both these guys have been PMs but they never made me feel that I was out of place, we roamed together, ate together, worked late nights and even troubled each other. But the best part was that we have always been there for each other. I know I can call them in the middle of the night and they will respond.

An end to a beautiful chapter in my life and let us hope to begin a new one soon. With a heavy heart and mixed feelings I say good bye.



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