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Sometimes you become a part of things that one would like to turn one’s blind eye to..but sometimes it is not possible. She simply ran away, hired a cab and ran away. All I knew is she ran away..I simply had no clue what happened?? so when he called he said “Tell her to come back” I said whom are you speaking about and he said “***” Holy crap..I said does she have her cell phone with her. He said “Yes” I remembered that an iphone has a tracking system. So I messaged my friend “Do you know how we locate an iphone?” he helped out. Thank god I am blessed and have very good and helpful friends. 

We located her in Mumbai and then we called her sister. She confirmed, that **** was with her. Thank god she was safe. Who leaves their house in a sudden fit…Simply unbelievable. At least we confirmed that she is safe. Now let me find out why did she run away..what did he do again??? Phew!!!


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It has been a very long time since I updated my blog. I sit down today and just thought of writing a few lines. It has been 2 months since I quit my job. Typically I should be bored and willing to go back to work. But the weird part is I don’t miss work, I remain so busy with the NGO and catching up with friends that I don’t have time to scratch my head.

I have also taken out some time for my self in terms of continuing my dancing sessions – belly dancing, sustaining running and walking, reading up books on my to read list, watching movies and sitting all by myself and thinking on lines as to what I want to do. These are a few self fulfilling activities, something I like to do.

As far as dancing goes, I have reached the third level where I am learning to dance with a veil. It is a new kind of dance. Managing a veil while bringing grace to the dance poses a challenge. But it is real fun, challenging yet fun.

Secondly, I go for a run everyday for around half an hour. It refreshes the mind and keeps me healthy. I used to run when I was in college. So I love the feeling when the blood rushes through my veins, as if it gives a new high.

Thirdly, I have read books like Life of Pi by Yann Martel, Story of My experiments with Truth by MK Gandhi, 50 Shades of Grey by El James and I am devouring through a lot others. I so liked Gandhi’s autobiography, the way in which he narrates his life and the honesty is simply remarkable. Sometimes I wonder the decisions he took were right or wrong. But his contribution to India was remarkable. Life of Pi was a bit drab in between, however, 50 shades was a trashy novel – it kind of gave me jitters. This is what is my take on the books so far read by me.

Thirdly, I watched a number of movies right from new ones to the old classics. I watched the new releases such as Talaash, Aargo, Hotel Transylvania, Student of the Year, Life of Pi, Son of Sardar, etc. I also watched old classics such as My Fair Lady, Sound of Music, How green my valley was, Gone with the wind, etc. I typically enjoyed watching the old classics as they involve old settings, big houses, women in gowns, the old buggies, etc – somethings I like 🙂  

Fourthly, on the NGO front, we began operating the libraries at the school we teach, plus we are going to hold a dancing and quiz competition at the school. So loads of activities planned in that area. On the teaching front I was rather glad that atleast 50% of the children remembered what we had taught around a month ago. So it was a morale booster. 🙂

Lastly, I am catching up with all my friends. Today I went to meet Utpala, it was so much fun, we ended up chatting for 3 hrs without interruption and it felt really nice. Although she is almost double my age it never feels so, I can discuss almost anything on this earth with her. We also decided on a cooking date with her where Utpala, me and her daughter Sunetra will cook together on a Sunday. he he.. it will be fun. Similar activities are planned with other set of friends. 🙂

To sum it all, it is fun undertaking all these activities. I really missed them while balancing office work with social work, leaving me no time for myself. The break is a well deserved one.

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