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Life is very funny…One can never predict what happens. But whatever happens, happens for the best. I used to ponder over the fact that why does God always make me take another route for every choice I make. He never likes to give me things easy, makes me work hard for everything. But this is true for most of the people around. If you want to achieve something, you must work hard…harder and smarter…

In the end, God will always give you something you deserve and what is the best for you..As if he forms a protective layer around you…

I do agree that life does not give things easy, one has to fight for everything. But in the process of achieving things, one should never forget being compassionate, humble and forgiving. These three values are the pillars of one’s life. Without these 3 values, one starts living a mechanical life.

Firstly, when one starts becoming compassionate. It does not mean you are not objective. One can remain objective, but with a touch of sensitivity. For eg: If someone is ill don’t harass the person to do your work. Let him/her have a time off and trouble them later for your work.

Secondly, being humble is another value that helps you throughout life. One should not have pride, cause pride is the source of destruction. We all have elements of pride within ourselves, I agree I have pride. But I want to get out of that rut. As a process of getting out of the system of pride…I was proud once upon a time that I owned a lot of expensive things. But over a period of time I realized that these things did not give me lasting happiness. Within a second you can lose your life and all these material things will remain on this earth. However, pride for material goods is not the ultimate. The second step of my journey is to do away with a few other elements of pride. I wish to be humble cause material goods don’t last but humility pays off…

Thirdly, it is very easy to lose your temper at someone and keep the thought in your head that this person did something wrong. But honestly, anger inside you will burn you. You have to learn how to forgive. Lately, i learned that by merely saying “I forgive you for whatever wrong you have done to me knowingly or unknowingly” gives a sense of relief…

My paternal grandmom had fallen down in her house at MP and when I heard this, I told mom, lets get her here. A bit background on her, she used to treat me unequally and misbehave with me cause I was a girl. She used to go to the extent to give me stale food when she used to visit us during my summer vacations. Pick up food from my plate and give it to my brother or dad.

But my dad was very just and he used to place the food back on my plate. He has always treated me and my brother equally. But these small incidents etched a bad feeling towards my paternal grand mom. However, with the passing years, I realized that If I continue to hold a grudge against her, i will only cause myself heartburn.

I decided to let go off this bad feeling. I do understand she is very conventional and has old notions that boys should be given more importance than girls. But this is due to her traditional mindset.. But I realized the more I think about all the negatives, the more I feel annoyed about it. Finally, I decided that I should let go. This thought relieved me of all the negative thoughts and forgiveness helped me let go….All I need is to forgive


come down permanently to stay with us. 




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Goa: A fun trip

One would say that Goa without fish and drinks is incomplete. But honestly, all that matters is the company you keep….

We a group of friends left Pune and traveled by road to Goa…a 14 hour journey and we were there..our destination – Go Goa…

On our way to Goa, we stopped at Narayanpur and visited the Balaji temple from where we proceeded to Kolhapur, there we visited the Mahalaxmi temple. Uncle is the trustee of that place so we got to click the Devi idols pictures and the pandit had already got the pooja done…we gladly went to visit the temple to pay our respect.  From there we traveled to Goa..

Day 1: Calangute beach and Swastik Cruise

Day 2: Calangute beach (fishing done using a fish net), Bagah beach, St Xaviers church, ferry ride, Panjim, Anjuna Saturday flea market

Day 3: We farmed on the way back to Pune..Coriander on the ground…with the lady showing us how to pluck the coriander plant.


One has to confess the road travel was fun with wonderful people and the most beautiful sceneries …


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Image ImageImage

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Anu on an activa and we on the ferry to Panjim

She looked like a world war 2 air pilot….in the helmet…a fun experience travelling with a bike to the other side of the town from Varim to Panjim…

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Starfish in our hands...

The fisherman at Goa let us pick up the star fish from the beach and requested us to throw the fish back into the ocean…the moment reminded me of the old star fish story…..

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Mahalaxmi Devi

Mahalaxmi Devi

Kolhapur famous as a divine destination – residence of Shri Mahalaxmi (Ambabai). One among the ‘Shaktipeethas’, Kolhapur attracts the pilgrims of the world. They visit Kolhapur to pray goddess Ambabai (Mahalaxmi) for a peaceful & healthy life. It is considered that the darshan of Shri. Balaji of Tirumala is incomplete without visiting goddess Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur….They dress up the goddess so beautifully at Kolhapur…

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Sea at its best.....

The wonderful hues of the sea….

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