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One seldom realises, how one falls in love. Its a realisation that dawns gradually over one s mind and heart. 

You start with liking and eventually, the person becomes the centre of your life. You care so immensely for that person. You get concerned about the slightest things that may hurt them. What they like or dislike. You feel protective towards them. The mere thought of something happening to them becomes unbearable, unthinkable at times.

All that one can say is “You matter to me at such a sublime level”, that seeing you smile makes your day. 

Seeing the person happy is all you wish. You care, you get concerned and at times turn possessive towards them. But this happens in a good way. It is the most beautiful feeling one can experience. 

Knowing that someone cares so much for you is the best thing that can happen in life.

However, love does not mean you wont argue with each other. It takes time for people to adjust to each others needs, to understand what one expects from the other. But these arguments don’t make things worse. It makes bonds stronger. So love does not always mean a hunky dory life. It means being there for each other “No matter what”. It means “I am there for you, I accept the way you are and I would never want to change anything in you”. You are wonderful.

Love is always unconditional….




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I have been rereading the classic novel by Lewis Caroll – “Alice and Wonderland”.

The book indicates the level of unquestioned power enjoyed by the queen, the submissiveness of the followers and the kings men as a method for survival.

It lays out the behaviour of the victorian queen in a very methodical way. It enumerates how dictatorial the queen was in the earlier 18th and 19th century. She didnt heed to reason but simply issued a verdict “Off with his head”.

The book looks at the victorian era in a different perspective, it draws a parallel with the real queens behaviour and mocks how tyrannical the queens regime was with respect to the countrymen.

Alice s protest and questioning does not go down well with the queen. However, her existence in the imaginary world is superfluous and she is not bound by the rules and a realistic situation.



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