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Recently an incident that occured in my life could have actually placed me out of my cushy, nice, smug job…..I began the day working from home as I was unwell and I began my day by starting with the Twitter account. I read an article that was speaking about an NGO that was involved with some scam for forgery…I commented on the article but the twitter handle on which i commented (was some other company. not the one who had done forgery). The company thought that I was maligning them. So the associate vice president tracked my Linkedin profile and sent me a mail with regard to the same. I got a shock of my life and immediately went to repairing the damage done. I took off the tweets and also sent a mail to the VP that I had commented on the article link mentioning the relation of the comment.

Now when all this was over the final mail came from the VP stating that we were connected through the original company who I work for….(meaning they are clients at my original company) gosh…this gave me a start….Anyway the damage control was done and there was no need to worry. I have the VP in my Linkedin contacts and we are soon going to partner with them for the NGO also…So Damage control plus business opportunity…I really can be a magnet that attracts trouble….lol…


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