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Sometimes it becomes difficult to make a choice. However, one has to decide. I had been so busy filling up forms that if someone asked me what I was doing the past month. I would say form filling, complying with the needs of institutes. Phew what an arduous task. Sometimes I wonder what I am moving towards. But atleast it is a step in the right direction. I don’t want to share many details and hope to post an update as soon as good news is received.

Moving onto a friend in need. I used to wonder that Reputed institutes carried some brand value. But lately I got a reality check. According to a Hindi proverb “Door ke dhol Suhane lagtein hai” I can’t state but I feel relieved that I was saved an investment of almost 25lacs. Actually speaking I was going to apply to the institute where my friend is presently studying. But looking at the bad economy and the job scenario, I thought otherwise. I could sense a feeling of depression, a loss of hope. I am trying to help my friend in all the possible ways. My heart reaches out to my friend. All I can think of is after investing 26lacs is the ROI going to be less than that…Phew..My mind goes bonkers thinking about such things. Hope my friend gets the desired job…

Now moving onto my school reunion. We 7 girls met up at the school. The watchman did not let us into the school as we late latiffs reached at 11.30am post the school closing down. Now to make the best of it, we went till the school nursery, clicked pics, caught up on the girl gossip and ate loads. Everyone shared their issues. Most of them married with kids, a few trying to have kids and a few like me who are not even near the thought of marriage…Post the school venue meet up, we went to China Grill. As cautious citizens we told the restaurant manager that we had met up after 12 years. We are going to be pretty boisterous..He underrated us and within minutes started staring us. We continued to ignore him and chatted away in glory. Then came the time to depart. Apparently girls can never say a good bye. The good bye session lasted for like 4 hrs…Finally at 6pm we bid adios. The meeting was fun, refreshed old memories and made us remember that school friends will always be school friends.

Lastly, me and Utpala went for the movie “Midnights Children”. A very slow movie indeed. I don’t know how it fares in comparison with the book written by Salman Rushdie. All I could gather was that boy meets girl. They fall in love, get married in like a month, girl gets pregnant, boy divorces girl, second marriage takes place, etc. Finally four different boys and girls got married in like the first hour, women were over fertile and kids were like everywhere. Indira Gandhi was malnourished. They introduced a touch of magic, but nothing comparable to Harry Potter..I wish it was a bit well paced…But overall not a bad one time watch….I ended up telling Utpala, women were so productive in the movie and how many weddings…he he….


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