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group activity simulation exercise

Let me say, a new life has begun with new goals, new friends, new places, etc. Life has taken a 360 degree turn for the good. To be precise it has been 3 weeks since I joined the institute. I have had mixed experiences till now. The good part about the place is that i have made good friends and found a few good teachers.

The flip side is that like every other institute, there are a number of rules and regulations to be followed and a big number of assignments.

However, the overall experience is good. We began the course with a number of activities, conducted by Paraxis. We played a number of simulation games, kiddish games, etc during the first 5 days. This helped us break the ice with the new batch of PGP students. It was so much fun… Eventually, we understood the basic idea behind these games. It was to instill in us the feeling that we should all work towards achieving a common goal.

Post the 5 day sessions, we began with our usual classes. Now comes the bad part, we have a session that lasts 1.5 hrs…OMG, who in their right senses can concentrate for hours together. Not only does one have to concentrate in the class but also ask pertinent questions and answer sensibly…

The saga does not end here, during classes, most of the fellow students doze off…this is a pretty hilarious site. Because we are busy waking up each other…this is much better than the teacher himself or herself catching us red handed…

So in short, after our guest lectures by eminent personalities such as CM’s, CEO’s, MDs, ISKON people, etc and regular classes; we do end up enjoying our night rendezvous at the canteen with Maggi (2 minute noodles), sleeping at 2am and other things. Indeed a beautiful life at a Campus… 🙂




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